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Chemin and my husband prayed scripture over me during the pain, and I felt that God was near…I am so grateful to have had a prayer warrior like Chemin by my side. She truly has the Lord’s anointing on her calling as a midwife.

Jennifer M.

Siempre estaré agradecida por la suave guía de Chemin y su empoderamiento que me permitió a tener un parto que me ha traído la mejor experiencia de mi vida. ¡Si quiere una experiencia de parto en casa, un parto en el hospital o la combinación de los dos, como yo, recomiendo a Chemin Pérez!

Amber G

El nacimiento de mi bebé no hubiera sido lo mismo sin Chemin. Ella oró por mí, me apoyó y levantó mi ánimo. También me dio masajes en la espalda para aliviar los dolores de parto, y se sentó a mi lado durante el trabajo de parto. ¡Yo la recomiendo!

Melissa B

Chemin y mi esposo oró escritura sobre mí durante el dolor, y yo sentía que Dios estaba cerca…Estoy tan agradecida de haber tenido un guerrero de oración como Chemin mi lado. Ella realmente tiene la unción del Señor en su vocación como una partera.

Jennifer M

My baby’s birth would not have been the same without Chemin. She prayed for me, encouraged and uplifted me, massaged my back to help ease my labor pains, and sat by my side during my  labor. I highly recommend her!

Melissa B

I will always be grateful for Chemin’s gentle guidance and her empowerment which allowed me to have my best birth experience. Whether you want a home birth experience, a hospital birth or a combination of both, like me, I highly recommend Chemin Perez!

Amber G

Como una mujer Mexicana-Americana agradesso que la tengo a Chemin como mi partera. Aunque soy fluente en elelingles preferia tener a una partera conquien me podia comunicar bien en el español junto con mi familia y quien entendia vuestra cultura. Hasta nos enseño clases de educauon de nacimsente en el ingles yen el español.
Gracias Chemin!


I was fortunate enough to be under the care of Chemin Perez while anticipating the birth of my first child. While I started my pregnancy journey full of many unknowns and a slight anxiety I quickly transformed into a assured and knowledge filled woman with a strong belief in the strength of my body and ever growing trust in the faithfulness of God. Chemin provides so much more than prenatal, birth and postnatal care. She provided an all around body, mind and spirit filled approach to childbirth and I am honored to know that she helped me usher our son into the world.


Giving birth with Chemin was amazing, everything I hoped for and more! I was given exceptional care not only physically, but emotionally and spirituality too. I am so thankful to have found a midwife who invites the presence and power of God into birth. Chemin and her staff made me feel valued every step of the way. Their passion for moms and birth is absolutely beautiful. All I can say is thank you!


My entire pregnancy and labor was just amazing once I entered into the loving care of Chemin! I always felt like I had an active role and able to make choices for myself. Laboring in the birth pool was very comfortable and relaxing, I actually fell asleep in between contractions. To me Chemin was my guide that granted me safe passage into motherhood and a healthy baby girl.